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Life paper series
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product description:

Major brands and varieties:

Toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs, paper napkins, paper towels, "star of love", "love Sen of the heart", "Bei ying"

Weight range:


Main production subsidiary:

Shouguang Chenming Paper Factory, Wuhan Chenming life paper factory

Main characteristics of products:

1, (1) paper fine wrinkles, good water absorption.
(2) soft and comfortable, suitable for infant skin.
(3) mainly for toilet paper, is a necessary product for people living in daily health.
2, (1) the paper softness is good, the toughness is strong, the uniformity is good.
(2) feel smooth, delicate.
(3) can be used to clean the face, hands and other parts of the people after the meal.
3, (1) the paper wrinkles delicate, feel good, after wiping confetti.
(2) toughness is high, water absorption is good, after the water is not easy to break.
(3) compact and delicate appearance, easy to carry, is a good companion to go out, but also by the majority of young people favorite.
4, (1) the thickness is good, the flexibility is strong.
(2) smooth and delicate touch, mainly for the face, hands and other parts of the meal clean.
5, (1) with excellent flexibility and loose thickness, strong water absorption, water absorption speed, can quickly and effectively dry hands.
(2) soft and comfortable, easy to use, use after leaving no confetti.

Scope of application:

(1) daily hygiene products;
(2) restaurants and other food and beverage industry to use;
(3) the use of public places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings and other public places, also applies to the family and other environment.

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